Characteristics of air compressors:

Air Compressor is available mainly in three types depending on the power and size such as compact air compressors, single stage compressors and two stage compressors. The compact air compressors are the smallest and most portable. It does not have storage tank. These tools are the best for powering the tools. The single stage compressors are used to compress air and have store tank with one piston. It is available in smaller sizes and rating below 150 pounds. The two stage compressors are used to compress air of storage with two pistons. The first piston is compressed air and push through the valve and going to the second piston. It gives excellent power.

Air Compressor is available in two forms such as some of the air compressors are small and portable, others are very large and stationary. These are varied from the single stage to two stage compressors. Generally, air compressor is a compressor which provides air and increases the amount of air in a specified area. These are very essential and more efficient. It has some tools such as power nail guns, spray tools and many more tools. Piston type compressors have storage tank which is storing the compressed air for future usage. The air compressors are measured in three ratings such as horse power, Cubic Feet per Minute and Pounds per Square Inch.